Workshop 1: Coming Together: Assessing the Needs, Benefits, and Challenges of i18n of Computer Science Education

May 16 - 18, 2008 - Portland, Oregon

University Place Hotel and Conference Center
310 SW Lincoln St., Portland, OR 97201

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Report on the First CPATH i18n Workshop

Workshop Summary

The May workshop was attended by 53 partners representing academic and industry institutions from the U.S., Canada, China, Japan, Korea, the Phillippines, and Vietnam. For a list of attendees see the attendee facebook or attendee list. The goal of this workshop was to begin to build our Pacific Rim community through a face-to-face meeting; to understand the perspectives of various regional partners; and to discuss concrete steps towards internationalization of computer science education.

Preliminary Findings of the May Workshop

Issues of high interest:

Workshop Highlights

Welcome: Project Overview and Introductions

Reception/dinner: Keynote speaker Professor Lionel Ni, Chair, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Session 1: i18n Skills and Challenges -- understanding the benefits and challenges from Western and Asian perspectives as well as university and industry perspectives Panel Discussion: The global computer science graduate in the year 2020. See

Small Group discussions focused on identifying skills and challenges in the contexts of (a) global product design, (b) global work environments, (c) teaching abroad, (d) teaching to an international audience at home, (e) research on global scientific problems, and (f) conducting scientific research with international peers.

Box lunch with keynote speaker Gurdeep Singh Pall, Corporate Vice President, Unified Communications Group, Microsoft.

Session 2: International Experiences and Institutional Collaborations Panel Discussion: Current international activities

Small group discussions focused on ideas for developing i18n opportunities in the areas

Session 3: Curriculum Innovation Panel: Curriculum across the Pacific Rim

Small group discussions focused on areas for i18n curriculum development and innovation:

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Our Mission
To create and sustain a community committed to the internationalization of computer science education with the express purpose of identifying creative strategies to transform computing education.

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